A FIG is a pre-packaged cluster of high-demand freshman courses that have been linked by a theme or academic program

What FIGs are available?
This document has all the FIGs for Fall 2015

How do I add a FIG? How do I drop a FIG?
It's very easy to add or drop a FIG from your schedule. In the FIG listing there is one course reference number (5 digits) for each FIG. Just use that number with the web registration tool that you've learned about in your small group session during orientation. This course reference number will add or drop (depending on what you're doing) you from the FIG Colloquium (HUM 1920) and all courses associated with that FIG.

What is HUM 1920; FIG Colloquium?
HUM 1920; FIG Colloquium is a class facilitated by an experienced undergraduate student and designed to provide you a set of experiences that will introduce you to the academic culture at the Florida State University. Visit Program Info for more information.

I like the idea of FIGs, but I don't want to take the one-hour FIG Colloquium HUM1920. Is HUM1920 required?
Yes, HUM1920 is the lynchpin course for each FIG cluster. If you drop HUM1920 from your fall schedule, the remaining FIG courses will also be dropped.

If I find a FIG I want to register for, do I have to take all of the courses in it?
Yes! A FIG is a package deal.

What if the FIG I want is closed?
Feel free to continue checking this web page, but know that it's a good idea to register for a backup schedule since there is no guarantee that the FIG you want will open. Also, there are FIGs with similar classes, so make sure you look through all of the FIGs with themes or classes that interest you. There are no waiting lists for FIGs.

Are FIGs offered anytime besides fall semester?
No. FIGs are only offered for fall semester, so take advantage of this opportunity!

I have a lot of Dual Enrollment and/or AP/IB credit. What FIG should I take?
You should be careful, of course, to not enroll in any classes that you already have earned credit. You can should consult with your advisor if you have any concerns about the course selection or cluster.

How will the FIG course affect my GPA?
HUM 1920 FIGS COLLOQUIUM is a one-credit course, S/U graded credit and it will not figure into your GPA calculation.

I have a question that isn't answered here. What should I do?
You should talk with an advisor if you're at orientation or, you may contact the FIG program directly at: FIGS@admin.fsu.edu. Please include your student # in your email!

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