Join a FIG

A FIG is a pre-packaged cluster of high-demand freshman courses that have been linked by a theme or academic program. There are several advantages to registering for a FIG:

  • It makes the registration process very easy; you can register for most of your classes at once.
  • Take classes with the same 15-20 students, so even a lecture class will seem small
  • Take courses that fulfill general education requirements.
  • Meet students with similar interests
  • Form your own FSU community.

One of the most significant advantages to registering for a FIG is enrolling in the FIG Colloquium HUM1920. This course is designed to provide you a set of experiences that will introduce you to the academic culture at the Florida State University. The objectives for this course are as follows:

  • To reflect on the FIG topic and develop an understanding for pursuing it within the FSU scholarly community.
  • To learn how to identify and reflect on your in-class and out-of-class learning experiences and how to utilize your reflections for learning about yourself and planning for the future.
  • To reflect on your class experiences during your first semester and to learn about the different ways in which the FSU calls upon you to demonstrate your learning.
  • To reflect on your out-of-class experiences during your first semester and to learn how you can connect your identities and interests with the people and places of the FSU community.
  • To learn how to interact with your instructors and fellow students in ways which support your own goals and the values of the FSU community.

Freshman Interest Groups are designed for students who are not participating in a living-learning program and are only available in the fall. FIGs provide a way for new students to connect with a group of students sharing similar interests. Registering for a FIG will place you and your fellow FIG participants in a set of classes that have a theme such as business or communication.

What FIGs are available?

Take a look at this document to which FIGs are offered this Fall.

To Enroll in a FIG follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into MyFSU Student Central (SC) and open Schedule Assistant
  2. On the Plan Schedule page, click the Add Course button
  3. Click on the Freshman Interest Groups tab on the Add Course page.
  4. Use the drop down box to choose the FIG you want to enroll in. This list shows FIG titles (not section numbers).
  5. Select the FIG you would like to enroll in, then click on the Add button.
  6. Click Done button to return to Plan Schedule.
  7. Proceed through the registration steps in Schedule Assistant (adding additional classes, generating schedules, viewing schedule options, sending your favorite to the Shopping Cart, and finally clicking Register).

Note: You cannot add a FIG by searching for HUM1920 using the “By Subject” tab. This will not add all the courses in the FIG cluster to your schedule. Only use the Freshmen Interest Group tab to add a FIG to your schedule. If you were advised to take HUM1920 and provided the just the section #, consult Appendix C in It’s All Academic to find the full FIG title.

You can request an adjustment to your cluster by contacting our administrators at

What is HUM 1920; FIG Colloquium?
HUM 1920; FIG Colloquium is a class facilitated by an experienced undergraduate student and designed to provide you a set of experiences that will introduce you to the academic culture at the Florida State University.

I have a question that isn't answered here. What should I do?
You should talk with an advisor if you're at orientation or, you may contact the FIG program directly at: . Please include your student # in your email!

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