FIG Leader FAQ's

What financial incentive is there for me to become a FIG leader?
FIG Leaders will be hired an payed hourly for their time as a FIG Leader.

Why has FSU adopted the concept of the Freshman Interest Group?
We hope to provide the freshman class with a set of experiences that will introduce them to the academic culture at the Florida State University.

Am I required to enroll in HUM 4924; Engage 100?
Yes, but we will take care of the registration for HUM 4924 for you.

When will HUM 4924 show up on my schedule?
We will register you for HUM 4924 once the final selection of FIG leaders has been made.

What is HUM 4924; FIG Leader Instruction?
In this class each FIG leader will learn how to build an appropriate FIG Colloquium HUM 1920. By the end of the spring term each FIG Leader will have a complete course outline and program of study for their respective HUM 1920.

Is the FIG leadership class HUM 4924 offered only in the spring term?

What is HUM 1920; FIG Colloquium?
HUM 1920; FIG Colloquium is a class the FIG leaders facilitate. It is designed to provide the enrolled freshman a set of experiences that will introduce them to the academic culture at the Florida State University. Each leader will design their unique class while enrolled in HUM 4924.

Will I lead HUM 1920 on my own?
Typically, yes! By the time you have successfully completed HUM 4924 you will be fully equipped to lead classroom discussion on your own. However, occasionally we do have more FIG Leaders than HUM1920 classes, and need to pair some FIG Leaders.

What FIGs are available?
The FIG clusters are built each spring once the schedule for the fall is structured. When ready, this link will take you to the current FIG clusters.

As a FIG Leader, am I guaranteed a FIG cluster in my academic area of interest?
Every effort will be made to match FIG leaders with an appropriate FIG Colloquium, but there are no guarantees.

Are FIGs offered anytime besides fall semester?
No. FIGs are only offered for fall semester, so take advantage of this opportunity!

I have a question that isn't answered here. What should I do?
You should talk with an advisor if you're at orientation or, you may contact the FIG program directly at: Please include your name and student # in your email!

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