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A Freshman Interest Group (FIG) is a pre-packaged cluster of high-demand freshman courses. There are several advantages to registering for a FIG:

  • It makes the registration process very easy; you can register for most or all of your classes at once.
  • Take classes with the same 20-25 students, so even a lecture class will seem small.
  • Take courses that fulfill general education requirements.
  • Meet students with similar interests (after all, you chose to register for the same classes!).
  • Form your own FSU community.
  • This video done by the Exploring Communications Freshman Interest Group tells you about all the great advantages of joining a FIG:

The FIG program, open to incoming freshmen, assists students with their initial selection of their liberal studies courses; finding courses that carry a common thread of interest; securing a small group of like minded students. It is the intent of this program to foster inquisitive thought and develop the mind as an instrument of analysis.