HUM 4924 Syllabus

HUM 4924: FIGS Instructor Training Seminar (1 CREDIT)

Note: Course materials available on Blackboard
Text: The Last Lecture; Randy Paush
ISBN-13: 9781401323257

Training Overview

  • The purpose of the training program this spring is to help you develop the knowledge, skills and perspectives that you will need as a FIG Leader in the fall term. It's important to note the distinctions between these three elements: "knowledge" = information about the FIG program, FSU and new students; "skills" = capacities for facilitating activities in a classroom and working with students individually; "perspectives" = ideas and concepts that support the values of this unique liberal studies educational endeavor.
  • To complete the training program successfully, you will be required to engage in a variety of experiences and complete a number of assignments. We'll begin by engaging in some experiences and assignments that reflect what is in store for FIG students in the fall so that you can see the program from the inside-out, so to speak. We'll then switch to the “other side of the podium” and engage in some activities directly related to instructor preparation.
  • As you know, successfully completing the program is just one part of becoming a FIG Leader. As we need to ensure that every prospective FIG Leader is well-poised to take on this important role, your performance will be evaluated based upon the following principle: our only way to determine what your commitment to your FIG would be is to evaluate your commitment to the training. The final selection/matching will happen toward the end of the semester.

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